Salespeople Need Professional Training

I once walked into Best Buy to buy a computer. I walked up to a salesperson and asked him “I’m interested in buying a computer, but I’m not sure what I need.” For the next 30 minutes he blabbered on about all things “Computer” to the degree that I was more confused by the time I left than when I walked in. Needless to say, I bought nothing that day.

While understanding the product or service that someone is selling is important, being good at sales requires more than just that. Let’s take a look at this concept.

First, professional sales training teaches salespeople how to communicate effectively with customers. This means being able to identify and understand your customer's needs, concerns, and objections. By doing so, salespeople can learn to tailor their pitch to meet the customer's specific needs and provide solutions to their problems. Effective communication skills also enable salespeople to build rapport and establish trust with your customers, which is crucial in making a sale.

Second, professional sales training helps salespeople to develop the skills needed to close deals successfully. Closing a deal requires a delicate balance of assertiveness and persuasion, and without the right skills, salespeople can struggle to close deals. Professional sales training equips salespeople with the techniques and strategies necessary to overcome objections and close deals, even in challenging situations.

Third, professional sales training teaches salespeople how to manage their time effectively. Salespeople often have a large number of leads to follow up with and appointments to attend. Effective time management skills enable salespeople to prioritize their activities, focus on high-priority tasks, and maximize their productivity. 

Finally, professional sales training provides your salespeople with ongoing support and development. Sales techniques and strategies are constantly evolving, and your salespeople need to stay up to date to remain effective. Professional sales training provides your salespeople with ongoing support and development opportunities, ensuring that they can continue to improve their skills and stay ahead of your competition.

Professional sales training equips salespeople with the skills and techniques needed to communicate effectively with customers, close deals successfully, manage their time effectively, and continue to develop and improve their skills. Investing in professional sales training is, therefore, a wise investment for any business looking to grow and succeed. ActionCOACH Spokane is offering a 12- Week Sales Training Academy starting in mid-May 2023. For information contact us at, or call 509-309-2922 to book your employees into the program.

Kevin Weir - 4/21/2023


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