7 Common Mistakes Your Salespeople Are Doing

Have you ever encountered a salesperson who said and did the dumbest things that eventually killed a sale? Was it embarrassing to watch? Here is a question…Does this person work for your business? OUCH!!  Let’s talk about the 7 biggest mistakes that your salespeople are making, but you probably don’t know that it’s happening. 

  • Not Listening to Customers:

One of the biggest mistakes your salespeople make is not listening to your customers. When a salesperson talks too much and doesn't let the customer speak, it sends the message that the salesperson is only interested in making the sale, not in meeting your customer's needs. This can lead to a breakdown in communication and ultimately, lost sales.

  • Not Understanding the Customer's Needs:

Another common mistake your salespeople make is not understanding your customers’ needs. If your salespeople don’t take the time to understand your customers’ wants or needs, they will not be able to recommend the right product or service. This can lead to your customers feeling like they are not being taken seriously and will likely seek out another solution for their problem.

  • Pushing Too Hard:

Salespeople can also lose a sale by pushing too hard. If a salesperson is too aggressive, it can make your customer feel uncomfortable and pressured into making a decision. Nobody wants to feel they are being sold to by the stereotypical version of a used car salesperson.

  • Focusing on Features Instead of Benefits:

Salespeople often focus too much on the features of your product or service and not enough on the benefits. While features are important, customers want to know how your product or service will benefit them. If your salespeople cannot articulate the benefits clearly, they will not be able to close the sale.

  • Not Following Up:

Following up is essential in sales, but many salespeople fail to do so. If your salespeople don’t follow up with your customer after a meeting or phone call, it sends the message that they are not interested in doing business. This can lead to your customer going to a competitor who is more responsive.

  • Not Being Prepared:

Your salespeople must be prepared for every interaction with your customer. This includes having knowledge of your product or service, being familiar with your customer's needs, and having a plan for the conversation. If your salespeople are not prepared, they will not be able to effectively communicate the value of your product or service.

  • Not Building Relationships:

Finally, salespeople often fail to build relationships with your customers. Building a relationship requires trust, and your customers are more likely to do business with someone they trust. Your salespeople must take the time to build a relationship with your customers by listening to their needs, understanding their goals, and providing solutions that meet their needs.

At the end of the day, sales is a challenging profession, and your salespeople must avoid these common mistakes if they want to be successful. By listening to your customers, understanding their needs, avoiding pushy sales tactics, focusing on benefits, following up, being prepared, and building relationships, your salespeople can improve their chances of closing the sale and generating revenue for your business.

Kevin Weir - 4/10/2023


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