Health Success and Business Success – They go Together

Many years ago, I had a client I was working with. He was struggling big time and could never seem to get on track. He started missing coaching sessions due to his multiple health ailments (most of them self-induced) so I gave him an ultimation; “You need to work on your health before we continue any coaching program. I won’t let you throw away good money if you can’t implement the program.”  I never saw him again. 

On the other hand, there is Christina. She came to me a couple of years ago with a struggling business and a lot of challenges due to her lack of business education and knowledge. However, she had one big advantage; she was very physically fit. She dived into her challenges with an extra level of energy and power and has overcome her challenges. She has opened a 2nd location and is in the process of doubling her business profits.

So, what does physical fitness have to do with running a business? Everything! Being a business owner requires an amazing amount of energy to be successful. “But Kevin, I sit at a desk all day long and have my employees do the work for me, therefore I don’t need to be physically fit.”  That is wrong. According to, for the average adult in a resting state, the brain consumes about 20 percent of the body’s energy. The brain’s primary function — processing and transmitting information through electrical signals — is very, very expensive in terms of energy use. When you are out of shape, you can’t process the level of energy the brain needs to make complex decisions over a long period of time.

The time to be honest with your health and physical fitness is NOW! Look at how much physical activity you are doing and start finding ways to increase that activity. Start small. Maybe it’s a dog walk in the evening, or maybe a walk around your building during the day. 

Be mindful about what and how much you are eating. Your fast-food habit is probably just making things worse for you. Again, start small. You can’t turn things around in 24 hours, but at least you can make the decision and make your first step. 

Your success in business is linked to your success in health. Begin your health improvement journey now and it will pay off as the years go on. 

Kevin Weir - 11/22/2022


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So, I’m driving on my way into the office today and I see a van on I-90 approaching downtown Spokane. It’s a Security Company I’m not familiar with and the tagline on the van says, “We make it happen.” What?! Make “what” happen? What a totally confusing and disjointed slogan.

Here are some other bad business slogans that have been put out there:


The Courage of Your Convictions

Your convictions are what drive you. Each one of us has a deep-seated values system that points us in the right direction. What you need to have with those convictions is courage. Courage to take a chance on something. Courage to make a hard decision. Courage to make an investment of your time, money, and resources with no guarantee of success.  

Take your deep seated convictions, and add a large dose of courage for you to overcome any challenge in your business and in your life. 

Steps to Creating an Organizational Chart

An organizational chart can have a profound impact on a small business more so than any other development step. An organizational chart should be developed around functions, not personalities. You want to develop something long lasting. It identifies who is accountable for what. 

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