The Courage of Your Convictions

I had a General Manager of a company I was coaching several years ago. He would bitterly complain about his boss, the owner of the company, making poor decisions and not taking his 30+ years of advice in the industry. Repeatedly I would ask him “Have you told him about all of these issues you are having about his leadership and his decisions?” Every single time the answer was “No.” When I would ask him why he would not talk to the owner, he would give me a litany of excuses, the most prominent one being “I might get fired.” Finally, out of frustration, I told him Have the courage of your convictions to do what you know is right.” He was stunned and speechless. He realized at that point that he has been a coward and allowed his fear to control his behaviors.

Here is a question for each one of you who are reading this. What have you not done that you know you should do, but are to scared to do it?  Our challenge in life is that, deep down inside, we know what are the right things we should be doing, but we don’t do it. Is it the hard conversation you are resisting? Is it the employee you know you need to let go, but are hanging on to them for no good reason? Is it the business expansion that you know needs to happen to ensure the future of your business that may seem to risky to you? 

Your convictions are what drive you. Each one of us has a deep-seated values system that points us in the right direction. What you need to have with those convictions is courage. Courage to take a chance on something. Courage to make a hard decision. Courage to make an investment of your time, money, and resources with no guarantee of success.  

Take your deep seated convictions, and add a large dose of courage for you to overcome any challenge in your business and in your life.

 Kevin Weir - 11/11/2022


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