"Kevin with ActionCOACH has helped our business out tremendously. Profits and revenue have nearly doubled since we started working together.

I now work on my business versus working in the business. Company growth and development of our team now takes precedence."

Tieson Lodahl - Owner

Epic Electrical

"When you want to grow your business, streamline operations, build your team, maximize profits and start a new business, the source is Kevin at ActionCoach!

His expertise in this area has help me buy and sell 3 businesses, served over 200 of my clients' businesses, and turned a few of those business owners into millionaires!

He knows his stuff, and can help you with a small, struggling business or a large business."

Jake Hanes - Owner


"... When I found myself betting my head against the wall for many hours.....years because I didn't have the help or guidance needed to push this "boulder up the mountain". Then, I met Kevin and I was blown away how much value and a huge asset to our team he was. Not only does Kevin help with all the things I struggle with doing in my business but I can call or be in touch with him to help with a pressing issue or just thoughts on my mind and what direction he would recommend doing.

The biggest take away from my review is if you want someone on your side to help you navigate things in your business that you need help with or with holding you accountable you have to reach out and talk with Kevin, you will not disappointed on his value and what he can bring to the table for whatever your needs are!

Thank you Kevin for all that you do for my company!"

Noah Botnick - Owner -

Scanned Media Creative

"Kevin is knowledgeable, on point, and motivating. He uses simple action steps no matter what level you are in business to help take you to the next level. His expertise and advice has helped my business grow tremendously in last two years and I cannot thank him enough! To have another set of ears to bounce ideas off of and come up with a clear action plan for execution and accountability is priceless."

Rachae Bell D.C. - Owner

Clear Chiropractic

"Kevin is a huge asset to our team! He has helped us to grow our business in so many ways. If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, you NEED Kevin on your team! Kevin gives accountability, action items and will guide you into creating a plan for your business. Owning a business should give you more life and Kevin can help you to make that happen."

Rebecca Ellis

Clear Chiropractic

"Kevin has been working with me for several years now. In that short amount of time he's made an ineradicable difference in my business and my life. When we started working together, I was unfocused and not a very good person to work for. Over the last few years Kevin has not only helped me get focused so that my business could grow profitably, he's made me a much better leader. I would recommend Kevin to any small business that needs some help steering the ship in the right direction.

Thanks Kev!"

John Derringer - Owner -

Driven Products

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