Find Out Why Chiropractors as Coaches Can Do More Harm than Good!

In this video transcription, we dive into a topic that may generate some controversy: whether or not chiropractors should be your go-to choice for business coaching. While there are many chiropractor coaches who excel in various aspects of practice management, it's essential to consider alternative options that can provide a fresh perspective and better align with your individual goals. Let's explore three key reasons why a non-chiropractor business coach might be a better fit for chiropractors who own their clinics.

1. Paint by the Numbers:
Successful chiropractor coaches often rely on proven formulas and processes that have worked for them. However, these approaches may not be suitable for everyone. As an individual, you possess unique strengths and face specific challenges. The best coaching

approach is one that takes into account your individuality and tailors strategies accordingly. Rather than following a rigid step-by-step formula, a non-chiropractor coach can provide a more personalized and adaptable approach, leveraging fundamental business principles to help you achieve success.

2. Adjusting Philosophy:
Chiropractors, even when acting as business coaches, inevitably carry their adjusting philosophy into conversations. While this may not be an issue for some, it can create conflicts when your personal philosophy differs from that of your coach. For example, if you specialize in upper cervical chiropractic techniques and your coach follows a different approach, their bias may inadvertently influence your decision-making. To avoid potential clashes and maintain the integrity of your own medical and adjusting philosophy, it may be wise to seek a non-chiropractor coach who won't challenge your beliefs in this area.

3. Vision Alignment:
Chiropractic business coaches often aim to mold their clients' vision to mirror their own success. However, your idea of success may differ from theirs. Perhaps you aspire to expand your practice with multiple clinics, while your coach only has experience managing a single mega clinic. To ensure your vision remains authentic and aligned with your goals, it's crucial to work with a coach who respects your individuality and supports your unique aspirations. By choosing a non-chiropractor coach, you gain the freedom to pursue your own version of success.

When it comes to selecting a business coach as a chiropractor, it's important to consider the limitations of relying solely on chiropractors in the field. A non-chiropractor coach can offer a fresh perspective, tailored strategies, and unbiased guidance that aligns with your individual strengths, adjusting philosophy, and personal vision. If you're ready to explore new possibilities and find a coach who understands the chiropractic industry but brings a broader perspective, I invite you to schedule a call with me to see if I could be the right fit for you. This call is an opportunity for us to determine compatibility, and if we agree that working together could be beneficial, I'll even provide a complimentary coaching session to give you a taste of what it's like to be coached by me. Take the first step towards achieving your goals and book your call today. There's no risk, no judgment—just the potential for transformative growth.


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